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Monday, April 14, 2014

Field Trip on Photo Peach

Queens Park Field Trip

ANZAC Day is celebrated on the 25th of April in memory of the Anzac's who landed in the wrong place on the Gallipoli peninsula, and many men got killed.

The bus pulled into the concreted area outside the War Memorial Hall one rainy Friday morning. Why? Well my class were learning about ANZAC, and historic Queens Park seemed like the perfect place for a trip to learn about WWI, Anzac Day and lots more about war. We had been studying the Australia and New Zealand Army Corps for 2 weeks now, so the Memorial Hall was a great place to expand our learning.

A man called Kyle showed us around Queens Park. There was much more to it than just the library, the War Memorial Hall,  the Museum, the Sarjeant Gallery and the Alexander Library, even though that sounds like a lot already. We studied the Veteran Steps, the Cenotaph and my favorite, the Hand span Sculpture. We looked at the Queens Park School gates, but of course, that school is now replaced by the library.

Our next stop? The War Memorial Hall. We filled out a sheet with information. Did you know that 18,500 Kiwis were killed in war, and that New Zealanders are called kiwis because of a shoe polish? We filled out 23 questions on a 25 question sheet, because numbers 13 and 14 disappeared mysteriously. The Hall was interesting and I want to go back again

Our final destination was the museum. But what I hated was that we didn't get to have a look around, we literally got dragged into the classroom because time was racing away.. We dressed up and did some role play. I was a lady whose son had gone to war. After the acting had finished, we left Queens park.

I liked going into the War Memorial Hall because of all the history and war photographs. I didn't really like the museum, mostly because we didn’t have time to explore it further.

Anzac Day!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


On the 25th of April each year New Zealanders and Australians commemorate Anzac Day. It's a time to remember the soilders who fought for our country in WWI, WWII and beyond. People wear red poppies because there were a lot of poppies where the soilders died. I think that the soilders in WWI thought that war would be fun, but it's not like video games where you re-spawn when you get killed. 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Term 1 Week 11

My highlights of the week.

A highlight this week for me was boat racing in our schools swimming pool. We made boats for homework. My boat is called the 'S.S Trina.' My boat came 3rd in the non-motorised category, even though from a distance it looked liked fourth. S.S Trina came 1st overall when we raced motorised and non motorised together. 'Trina is soaked now. 
I enjoyed playing Water Polo and Scatterball with Mr. Neilson because I scored the winning goal in Water Polo, won best player for Water Polo, and caught someone out in Scatterball.
I liked painting buildings inspired by Fredrich Hundertwasser with water-paints. Mine is really colourful . I used different shades of green for my hills in the background, and different shades of blue for the sky. It was a really enjoyable week.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Week 9 Term 1

This week, we have learned how to turn a decimal into a fraction. for example, 3/100 would be .03 and 600/1000 would be .600. I learnt how to make an owl out of an egg carton. We had to make an owl for homework to display in our classroom. I also really liked learning how to use glogster. It is really fun going through the different menus to see different ways to make your presentation look good.

I enjoyed making a photo peach about the library opening. We went to the library yesterday and I got a Captain Underpants book and a Jaquline Wilson book called 'Secrets.' But what I enjoyed most this week was... well, will be... we get a day off on Friday! Thats why I'm publishing early this week.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Library Re-Opening!

On Friday, a lady called Mrs Roxburgh from the National Library came to our school to open our new library. We dressed up in costumes from characters in our favorite books. We had a costume parade to showcase our outfits. Then we all sat in our class lines and waited until it was our turn to go in. First, Mrs O’Connor got a couple of people to hold up letters at the front of the assembly. They were  B, L, I, R, R and Y. I held up Y. Then, I had to unscramble the letters, seeing I was the only senior up there. I finally figured out it spelt the word library. I went back to my seat and then Room 5 went into the library. There was a wall with pictures of teachers reading in different places, and a reading hut. The library had fairy lights along the ceiling.Then, we then went outside to have some banana cake.

I really enjoyed going into our new library. We get to go in every Wednesday at 12:00, and I can hardly wait.

Library Re-Opening on PhotoPeach