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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Another Another ANOTHER Weekly Reflection!

This week we went to the Splash Centre for our ‘Big Day Out’. For our Big Day Out we went swimming and also watched a movie, ‘Home Alone.’ I loved going swimming and I even did a backflip in the water! I did, like, 5 flips in a row and then I was so dizzy that I almost couldn't swim! I enjoyed going down the Hydro-Slides and I also loved jumping into the deep end of the pool. But one part I didn’t like was being someones ‘Water Taxi’ for half the time. Yes, I'm talking about you, Sarah, If you're reading this. Well anyway, the Swimming part was fun, and so was the movie.

We are still doing social dancing. We have learnt many dances. The dances are the Disco Jive, Foxtrot, Waltz, Gay Gordons, Breakaway Blues, Cotton-Eyed Joe, the Cha Cha, and there are also other dances I don't know the names of, or have forgotten. I like Social Dancing because it is fun to dance and its fun to learn how to dance, too. We are having a big Social Dance next week to show our skills.

Tonight, the year 6’s are having a leavers dinner at a restaurant in town. We have all written speeches for the dinner and practiced them so we know them off by heart. I am excited about the dinner. Next week, we have our leavers item which we have been practicing for what seems like forever, so we know it off by heart now too. I don’t want to leave Carlton, but I am excited about going to Intermediate.

That’s what we have been doing this week!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


I have made a chart about birds, their habitats and their preadatiors because we need to look after our native birds, and we need to DECAPITATE their predators :D

Forest and Bush
Opossum, stoats, ferrets, rats
Mountain Areas and High Country
Human, guns.
Ocean and Shore
Rubbish, dogs, other birds, SHARKS!
Lakes, ponds and Rivers
Pollution, eels, litter.
Backyard, towns and cities.
Dogs, cats, humans.
Countryside (rural)
Morepork, falcon.
Farmers, cattle, horses, guns (During hunting season)      

Thursday, November 20, 2014

A little bit of my camp story...

Everyone rushed into the dining hall and sat at a table with all their friends, eager to eat some delicious nachos. One by one, the table groups went up the the counter and got their meal. Dinner time, yum! But what nobody saw coming was the delicious dessert: creamy vanilla ice cream and chocolate cake! Everyone sat up straight so they could get to eat their dessert first. We had better meals at camp than I have at home! But then again, at home I could have my meal in front of the TV, watching the final episodes of ‘The Block NZ.’ But it was nice without technology, until the teachers said it was movie time. People, its camp, please. But a MOVIE? Really? This place has WiFi too?!

A little bit from my 6-page story about camp.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Yay, its my 100th blog post! I have been blogging for school for 2 years. I like blogging to share my stories, and to inform people of information. I hope to continue blogging after I leave Carlton, as long as my email dosent get deleted... wont be long until post 200!
I will keep you all updated with whats going on at Carlton until the end of the year.

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Thanks to my followers, and anyone who likes my blog. I wish you all the best.
Ryan, Ciaran, Sarah and Trina (yes, I follow my own blog :P :P)

But now, time for post 101!

We have been studying birds feathers.....

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

On Monday, the whole senior school went to Virginia Lake to learn about birds. This is a wordle I made about Virginia Lake.