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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

On Monday, the whole senior school went to Virginia Lake to learn about birds. This is a wordle I made about Virginia Lake.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

My Slideshow

We have been exploring everything we can do with google. We all made slideshows showing information about places in New Zealand. I chose Auckland. I hope you enjoy my show!

The first thing I did this week was come back to school from a long and tiring holiday. I went to Auckland with my dad and I went swimming, horse riding and I also went to the museum. It is good to be back at school after a nice break but it is also nice to have a holiday occasionally. This is my last term at Carlton School and with camp and social dancing coming up, I'm guessing it will be a very exciting term.

This week Room 5 went to Badminton. We were taught by Mr. Feist. We learnt how to hit a shuttle into the air and across to a partner. My partner was Ryan and he is quite good at hitting the shuttle really hard. He even hit me with it once! We walked to the badminton courts from school and we were quite tired when we got back to school. Luckily, it was lunch time when we returned to school. We go to badminton every Wednesday at 11 o’clock for the next 3 weeks.

Room 5 have been exploring Google Drawings. We have been taught how to make pictures with images from the internet. We learnt that if we type png after a word, then the picture will come up with no background, so it blends into the background image. I made a picture of lots of animals having fun in a jungle and a picture of some squids in an ocean. I really enjoyed discovering more things about Google Drawings. I also learnt that Google Slides are a lot similar to Google Drawings.

That is all I have been doing this week... lots of investigating!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Something I have enjoyed
This week I have enjoyed watching a movie with room 5’s buddy class, room 7. The movie we watched was Despicable Me. Before we watched the movie, we went to the Splash center. And when I say ‘we,’ I mean everybody apart from me. I have a bit of a cold, so my dad said I wasn’t allowed to swim. I had to go to room 4, but I got free time on my Chromebook. At least that was better than doing work all day!
I also enjoyed going to watch a show at Rutherford Junior High. At the show, we were shown animations by students at the school. We also got to see some of there wearable arts and we got to watch the Rutherford band perform a few songs.

Something I am looking forward to
I am looking forward to going to Auckland in the holidays. I will be going there with my dad. We will be visiting lots of my family and staying with them, too. I can’t wait for the holidays to start! But I will miss all my friends at school, so I guess I am looking forward to coming back to school, too!
I also can’t wait to play my new video game in the holidays. I just got a new game called ‘Terraria,’ and my friend, who has been playing the game for a while, has just got the best weapon in the game. Its called the ‘Terra Blade.’ She found another Blade lying on the ground in an online world, and so she is going to give it to me. I have only been playing Terraria for about 2 days, and I have already got the best weapon in the game!
Have a great holiday!

The Terra Blade - Lovely, isint it?!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Saving Power

Be safe Around Electricity!

Power costs

Costs of electrical appliances (August 2011)
Deep Fryer
2000 watts
10c per hour
Hair dryer
1600 watts
32c per hour
Single electric blanket
100 watts
9c per week
2400 watts
48c per hour
81 watts
7c per 4 hours
8 watts
27c per week
40 watts
8c per 4 hours
Lawn mower
1200 watts
24c per hour
2400 watts
4c for 3 boilings